Meet our Team
Who are the awesome folks behind the scenes that make the magic happen?

BRains Team

Meet our Team

These teams are fired up with incredible generosity and drive to make things happen. They will take on any task and are dedicated to helping our members.


Cínthia Alcantara
Co-founder and Director
Fabi Ramos
Co-founder and Director
silvia oshiro (3) (1)
Silvia Oshiro
Co-founder and Director

Volunteer Team

Débora Fontana
Event Coordinator
Lais Almeida
Event Coordinator
Elaine Niyama
Graphic Designer & Content Editor
Rafaela Pimenta
Event Coordinator

Past Volunteers

Marselha Tinelli
Co-founder and Director
Denise Schnorrenberger
Project Manager​
Daniel Oliveira
Web Designer
Tatiana Souza
Event Coordinator
Mariana Miquelin
Event & Social Media Coordinator
Ana Gabriela Vendrasco
Survey Specialist
Isabela MM Rego
Survey Specialist
Natalia Rabelo
Event Assistant
Executive Assistant
Vitor Brumatti
Content Creator
Nathalia Tibaes
Content Creator
Patricia dos Anjos
Content Creator

Volunteer Program

We encourage and enable BRains members to give back to our community.

We encourage and make it possible for our members to give back to our community.

We invite professionals from different backgrounds to dedicate their time to inspirational projects. BRains is committed to supporting our volunteers to obtain Canadian experience while giving them the freedom to work and contribute their ideas to our organization.

The BRains Volunteer Program captures the core values and practices essential to the BRains culture: education and community. The program helps get people involved in opportunities they are passionate about, with a sense of being a real team member, creating strong contacts in their fields, standing out in the industry, and showcasing their skills to the local community.

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